Your next TV might be your next wallpaper

The International CES is infamous for being the launchpad for the next generation of television technology. That can result in manufacturers competing not just with each other but with their evolutionary history as TV advancements are drastic when you compare models that are only one year apart in age.

Alongside the light-speed rate of tech advancements are the manufacturer’s attempts to test out features that may not be well received. A good example is the curved body forms and 3D enabled models from a few years back.

All of the technical features of TVs can be confusing. So here is my breakdown of what each major manufacturer brings to the table for 2017, and what it means for us the consumers:


Samsung is no doubt an industry leader but they seemed to be more conservative with the technology progression compared to their competitors by emphasizing a feature called QLED. The Q represents “Quantum Dot Layer,” which essentially means a brighter more colorful picture. It is important to note that the QLED technology is a response to Samsung competitors moving toward OLED technology.


Panasonic’s announced it’s EZ1002, which is an OLED TV that boasts claims of being a superior 4K HDR image. (We will address what exactly HDR is and the impending format war brewing later in this article.)


Before CES, Sony was tight-lipped about their future TV line plans. They surprised many this year with a new model of OLED called the Bravia A1. The image quality is excellent, of course, but the standout feature is called acoustic surface. The fancy name means that the entire screen is a giant speaker with the stand doubling as a subwoofer. We are not exactly sure what the sound quality would be like when wall mounted without the benefit of the subwoofer set top base. This model helps Sony stand out on the audio front as most manufacturers have opted to rely on soundbars for their ultra thin TVs.


The belle of the ball is LG’s Signature OLED TV W with a 2.5 millimeter thickness. I have seen wallpaper thicker than this TV. It is bendable and mounts to your wall with magnets. When you have a razor thin TV, you have to find a place to put all the tuner, sound and connectors. To solve that issue, this TV comes standard with a Dolby Atmos Soundbar.